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If you saw the first video of the new series from Gods of Men, one of the recently added sites from Men dot com, then get ready for part two of Suite 33. This movie stars the well-hung Paddy O’Brian and newcomer Johnny Rapid ( follow him on twitter here – ). Part two of the series follows where part one left off, and starts in the same room and on the same bed.
The scene begins with both hot guys lying next to each other on the bed, and you can see that both men are already stiff and hard. As the two men begin kissing, Paddy reaches down and starts stroking Johnny’s big beautiful cock while whispering into his partner’s ear what he plans on doing with it. This whispering gets Johnny’s cock even harder and wanting more, so he guides Paddy’s mouth down towards his cock until he feels the warm tongue and mouth upon it.

After having his cock and balls sucked, Johnny shows that he’s the subservient one, as he slips off his briefs and shows Paddy his nice tight ass. He then works Paddy’s thick cock expertly with his tongue and mouth, getting it nice and wet so he can put it up his tight ass. Suddenly, Paddy bends Johnny over the bed in the doggy position with his legs spread eagle and his ass hanging over the edge of the mattress and knees on the floor.
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